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Teaching Remotely with Transitional-Fluent Stage Readers

Last week a group of educators and I finished a month of “trying out” teaching small group guided reading remotely (using Jan Richardson’s Next Step Forward face-to-face lesson plan templates as a guide). Of course, we still have a LOT to learn and will continue to make modifications but we’ve gotten the ball rolling.

I have so much to say about this experience. Students LOVE guided reading face to face and they LOVE guided reading remotely (if that’s as close to you as they can get to you). It takes a tremendous amount of energy and courage to teach like this but it’s worth it. They will grow as readers and writers!

I’ve attached the transitional stage template with modifications (and a blank) below.

My two BIGGEST TAKEAWAYS are 1) we need to give ourselves space and grace to teach students the routines they need to do this remotely (technology included) and 2) we CAN create space for students to confer with us privately so they can take the kinds of risks they need to take to grow as readers (i.e., no round robin reading or reading while other students mute themselves but can still hear).

For additional tips and tricks check out the last few blog entries I’ve written on teaching reading remotely including entries on PreA and Emergent/Early stage lessons that include lesson plan templates with modifications at each stage.

Hope this helps.


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