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Preparing Students for Joyous Summer Reading

Are you getting that “WE’RE ALMOST DONE” feeling? (Speaking to many of my peers in the northern hemisphere who are almost out of school for the summer 😉 So sorry if you’re not!)

This is a great time to host lots of space and time for students to JUST READ FOR ENJOYMENT, hoping this time spent carries into the summer when the students are reading on their own.


introduce engaging nonfiction,

book talk nonfiction,

create a special display of nonfiction (raid your school library or local public library),

match books to individual readers,

be present to coach at the point of need,

close by asking readers to huddle and share.

This might be during reading workshop when the whole class is reading – OR it might be during guided reading. Now is a good time to cut “teacher-talk” down to a few minutes and be fully present to guide those five or six students at your table as they read continuously for 15-20 minutes.

Would it be radical to even say, “Let go of the sticky notes and reading response journals”? Students will not be writing notes when they read on their own this summer. This might be a good chance to coach and take anecdotal notes – but to also free students of the sometimes cumbersome stopping and jotting. Just provide space for them to immerse themselves in reading. They can be accountable through their conversations with you during reading conferences, right? The photos in this entry are from a third grade classroom where we immersed students in the joy of reading nonfiction using many of the suggestions above. (Thank you to my dear colleague and friend, CATE!!!) I honestly think you could do this at ANY GRADE level!

Okay…I might be preaching to the choir here…just a few of my thoughts.

IF YOU NEED SOME NEW EXCITING TITLESlook for me on GOODREADS or follow me on TWITTER. Love reviewing books — I don’t share too much about content (what the book is about). I share ideas for how you can book talk before leaving in your library and questions you can pose during an interactive read aloud.

Just a heads up 😉 I posted a version of this entry SIX YEARS AGO and so much of it still resonated with me that I revised a bit and posted again. Hope it was helpful!!!

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