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Sample Lesson – Close reading with NewsELA article

Do your students need help with clearly stating a main idea? And with organization when they elaborate on that main idea? Last month I had the honor of teaching close reading of an informational article to a small group of fifth grade students for a demonstration lesson in front of 40 educators in the North …Read more

Close reading lesson with A to Z text excerpt

Last week I gave a close reading lesson with an excerpt from an A to Z text, George Washington Carver, written at Level O. (See my previous post “Tips for using A to Z texts for close reading”.) Our text-dependent question was, “What did Carver achieve?” This seems like an easy question at first, but …Read more

PreK-Kinder Read Alouds – Observing the World Around Us

As you start the school year, consider making half of the texts you read aloud to preK-Kinder (and even 1st grade) students informational texts. One new text I’d recommend is Step Gently Out by Frost & Lieder (2013). Frost’s lyrical text invites our youngest learners to slow down and watch and listen. Lieder’s photographs are …Read more

Nonfiction Author Study – Moving preK-1 Towards Close Reading

  Last year I had the honor of working with two kindergarten teachers who immersed their students in nonfiction author studies. Late in the spring they led a two week author study – week one on Steve Jenkins’ books and week two on Nic Bishop’s books. Monday-Wednesday or Thursday, they read aloud a book and …Read more

Prepare Students for the Joy of Summer Reading

Are you getting that “WE’RE ALMOST DONE” feeling? (Speaking to many of my peers in the northern hemisphere who are almost out of school for the summer 😉 So sorry if you’re not!) This is a great time to host lots of space and time for students to JUST READ FOR ENJOYMENT, hoping this time …Read more

Frog Song – TINKTINKTINKTINK! – read aloud, close read, research mentor

Stunning illustrations and tightly focused text make the new book Frog Song (Guiberson, 2013) an ideal read aloud and independent read for k-5 students. On each two-page layout, Guiberson, the author of many many nonfiction books, describes the characteristics of a particular frog including – in varied bold fonts, the frog’s sound (TINKTINKTINKTINK! the male …Read more

k-1 new book moves students towards close reading :)

LOVE THIS BOOK!!!! Seeger’s text and illustrations require students to slow down and look closely and think. Each two-page spread in green, a 2012 Caldecott Honor Book, is dedicated to one particular shade of green. I finished this book and then read it again immediately, slowing myself down, savoring each page and thinking through the …Read more

Impossible Rescue 2 – Reading Aloud Complex Texts

My colleague, Andrea, who reads aloud complex nonfiction texts to her 5th grade students, spends about 30 minutes a day engaged in this practice. She reads aloud, but also stops to use mind maps (see image above) to help the students keep the information organized cognitively. In The Impossible Rescue (Sandler, 2012), there are several …Read more

Impossible Rescue – Complex nonfiction for reading aloud

A colleague of mine, Andrea, read this aloud to her fifth grade students. They were riveted, completely enthralled. In my next post, I’ll explain how Andrea tackles helping her students comprehend complex nonfiction during read alouds. I hope to share some of her students’ work as well. For now, here’s my review of the book! …Read more

Power of Nonfiction Text Sets

When I heard that Neil Armstrong died, I remembered the story my mom told of holding me up in front of the tv to watch the Armstrong walk on the moon – I was six months old. I immediately went to the public library and checked out several books about Armstrong and the Apollo 11 …Read more