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Sport Climbing: Three Sources + Cheat Sheet

What kind of sport climbing are you interested in? Speed climbing? Lead climbing? Or bouldering? There are some great sources on this hot topic–I chose a video and two articles that compliment each other (i.e., they have similar main ideas but each contributes interesting supporting details). And of course, there’s a cheat sheet, too. You …Read more

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Robot Nurses: Three Sources + Cheat Notes

Nurse Moxi shows families around a children’s hospital in Austin, TX. Nurse MEDi distracts children with toys while they get a flu shot AND Nurse Tommy is helping patients with the coronavirus at a hospital in Italy! Down below you’ll find a set of on-line sources on this hot topic and a cheat sheet with …Read more

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Nonfiction Text Set – Labor Movement in Chicago

Since I work in the schools in Chicago, I think it might be timely to trace the history of labor movements in Chicago. The current teacher strike is part of a larger picture and long history of Chicagoans being at the heart of movements that have led to better working and learning conditions for everyone. …Read more

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Power of Nonfiction Text Sets

When I heard that Neil Armstrong died, I remembered the story my mom told of holding me up in front of the tv to watch the Armstrong walk on the moon – I was six months old. I immediately went to the public library and checked out several books about Armstrong and the Apollo 11 …Read more

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