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info texts for students grades 4-8

Flood Your Classroom with Nonfiction

Anybody have squirrelly, ready-for-summer students? Suggestion – these last few weeks, flood your classroom with fascinating nonfiction books. Books they might check out at the public library this summer. Books they might talk about at home. Books they will definitely want to read again and again with friends – through the last day of class. …Read more

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Close Reading of Invincible Microbe excerpt (Murphy, 2013)

TheĀ Invincible Microbe: Tuberculosis and the Never-Ending Search for a CureĀ  is Jim Murphy’s new book, co-authored with Alison Blank. Murphy’s book The Great Fire is a Newbery Honor book and listed as a text exemplar for informational texts at the middle school level in the Common Core Standards Appendix B. Invincible Microbe would be an …Read more

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Reading Aloud in Grades 6-8

While it’s important for students to read as much on their own as possible, there are a lot of benefits to continuing to read aloud to them even in middle school. (I would argue through 12th grade even.) For students who are not reading “on grade level,” when you read aloud, they have an opportunity …Read more

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Nonfiction Text Set – Labor Movement in Chicago

Since I work in the schools in Chicago, I think it might be timely to trace the history of labor movements in Chicago. The current teacher strike is part of a larger picture and long history of Chicagoans being at the heart of movements that have led to better working and learning conditions for everyone. …Read more

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