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close reading nonfiction texts

Lesson – Text-Dependent Predictions, Part II

So I had a great time teaching a lesson on making text-dependent with a class of second grade students a few weeks ago. In my last blog entry, I wrote about teaching objectives that surfaced during reading conferences with three of these students. The students revealed to me they were not previewing nonfiction texts strategically …Read more

Lesson – Text-Dependent Predictions, Part I

Last week, I had the honor of teaching 2nd grade students how to make informed (i.e., text-dependent) predictions by strategically previewing an informational text. To determine the objective for this lesson, I visited the classroom prior to the lesson and met with three students for individual reading conferences. Using NWEA data and running record data, …Read more

Review and close reading excerpts – Titanic: Voices From the Disaster

“Don’t you know what happens in the end?” My husband could not understand why I wanted to leave the dinner table early to finish this book.   Yes, of course, I know the ending, but Hopkinson’s writing had me in its grip – one of the reasons this book was awarded a Sibert Honor Award for …Read more

Close Reading of Invincible Microbe excerpt (Murphy, 2013)

The Invincible Microbe: Tuberculosis and the Never-Ending Search for a Cure  is Jim Murphy’s new book, co-authored with Alison Blank. Murphy’s book The Great Fire is a Newbery Honor book and listed as a text exemplar for informational texts at the middle school level in the Common Core Standards Appendix B. Invincible Microbe would be an …Read more

Close “Listening” to News Story on Nutmeg

This report on NPR – “No Innocent Spice: The Secret Story of Nutmeg, Life and Death” might be an interesting “approaching the holidays” foray for students into close listening and close reading. The content will surprise them, but what makes this feature report effective is the way reporter Allison Aubrey has structured the content. She …Read more

Conferring with 2nd Grade Reader

Yesterday I conferred with a second grader who was reading The Moon by Deborah Eaton (written at a late 2nd grade level). When I approached her, I started by saying, “What are you reading about?” She responded with “the moon.” I followed by asking, “What have you learned about the moon so far?” This question …Read more