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An amazing writing experience.

Just finished ten weeks of writing 6-8th grade lessons that partner the ideas in Being the Change: Lessons & Strategies to Teach Social Comprehension (Ahmed, 2018) with those in my books Nurturing Informed Thinking and Close Reading of Informational Sources.

64 lessons.

Oh, goodness.

I learned a lot.

And I’m exhausted.

Stepping away for the summer but when I see you again, I promise to share some of what I learned & developed including the text sets I created 😉 If you’d like to see the lessons before then, touch base with me!

For my friends in the northern hemisphere, hope you’re taking a peaceful break this summer! And my friends down south, hope your teaching is going smoothly this fall/winter. Reach out if you need me!

Thank you to San Jose Unified for offering me this opportunity! And to Sara Ahmed for sparking my thinking!


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