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Robot Nurses: Three Sources + Cheat Notes

Nurse Moxi shows families around a children’s hospital in Austin, TX. Nurse MEDi distracts children with toys while they get a flu shot AND Nurse Tommy is helping patients with the coronavirus at a hospital in Italy! Down below you’ll find a set of on-line sources on this hot topic and a cheat sheet with main ideas and supporting details that are color-coded by source.

Source #1 Video – Meet Moxi: A Robot and the Future of Healthcare

Two minute news video that features Moxi, a robot nurse at Dell’s Children’s Hospital in Austin, Texas.

Photo from

Source #2 Article – Tommy the Robot Nurse Helps Italian Doctors Care for Coronavirus Patients

NEWSELA article on a robot that is helpful because medical care providers can decrease the number of contacts they have with contagious patients. There are higher Lexiles of this article available!

Source #3 Article – Using a Robot to Ease a Child’s Pain

This article is a bit more difficult (late middle school level?) but the first two paragraphs are pretty easy and provide a lot of content about what the robot MEDi does. Students might read the rest just to get the gist or savvier readers might glean info about the research study described.

Cheat Notes 🙂

Here’s a cheat sheet to reference as you plan and as you consider whether students have integrated details from multiple sources into their responses.

A few teaching thoughts:

  • Teach the vocabulary word innovative.
  • Encourage students to ask, “What am I adding to my learning?” as they read-watch each additional source.
  • Remind students to LOOK AT THE IMAGES for details. The photos and the visual aspect of the video provide info, too.
  • Challenge students to find additional sources.
  • Provide questions that go beyond-the-text like:
    • Based on what you learned from these sources, how might a robot be helpful to you and your family? Why might that be important? What did you learn in two or more sources that supports your thinking?
    • The sources include details about tasks the robots can complete, but how do the robots meet the emotional needs of the medical providers and the patients? Why might that be just as important?

This is part of a series of blog entries that include multiple online sources, cheat notes, and tips.

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My thoughts are with you as you plan for distance learning which can be very challenging.

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help!


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